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Nailathala sa TIP Voice Manila, Opinion Section, July Issue. DYARISTA

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No matter how hard we try to impress other people, a portion of our pretext will always highlight the grim sides of our personas. And no matter how we try to cover such with another enigma, a part of it always stinks.


I am positive this time. The endeavor of TIP Voice in catering excellence is within reach. With the participation of the Supreme Student Government officers, and with their determination to give the best service they could, I am quite certain that this academic year would be the most fruitful of all; not minding the silent disparity between the TIP Voice staffers and SSG officers (or student council before), which resulted a tacit relationship between the said offices few years hence.*

After all, this year’s roster of leaders is somewhat noteworthy. For some of them are really empowered for service to others. The only thing that matters is the way they obtained power since most of them were appointed rather than elected thus failed to assume full student support and empowerment, which, I think, can only be obtained through constant practice of suffrage with the students as major partakers.

If these leaders beget power through the proper electoral processes, I believe they can do better things — perhaps considering their leadership capabilities and the students’ expectations that mandate them to do their responsibilities, working against great intervention or hesitation is never questionable for those who have assumed power by absolute practice of democracy.


The 6.2% lift of our school fees for this semester helped the school to acquire new gadgets and more advanced facilities useful for every TIPian.

Commendable renovations in different offices in both Arlegui and Casal Campuses were made.

Faculty rooms are bigger now, providing better workplaces for the mentors to work harder this time.

And, though the said renovations have made some classrooms narrower and some, smaller, we still expect higher results in the board examination performance — considering Dr. Lahoz’ call for the top ones in every board examination courses.

A part of the overwhelming performance of TIP in the most recent board examinations calls for continuation— more good news before the school approaches its 50th anniversary and perhaps, consistency in terms of hitting the top.


The security and safety measures undertaken by the school in response to the booming threat of A (H1N1) deserve commendation.

With the modern gadgets used to detect body temperature that the school purchased, we can laud that TIP is never log behind not just by our counterparts in terms of health facilities that would give its students initial health protection despite its nature as a technological school that specializes in engineering and architecture and that starts to create its name in business — a proof that the school never compromises the health of its major stakeholders, the students.

But beyond the said measure, complaints regarding the acquisition of the said gadgets buzzed the campus. Some said it’s “LATE,” some even termed it “USELESS.”

But no matter how we perceive these things, students should always think that the gadgets might not have been immediately purchased, at least it was. Besides at times these gadgets are not yet around, the quick response of the school, with VPASS and A Soliven’s effort (not really certain, since she’s the only officer seen directing the security regarding this matter) begets appreciation. Yes, the early bird may catch the worm, but it is better late than never, right?


Many of us, especially the freshmen, have observed how clean TIP is compared to any other schools in Metro Manila.

The reason for that is the implementation of TIP’s 5S program, a campaign that encourages members of the school community to practice some steps to cleanliness, which primarily include health and sanitation, and garbage segregation.

But beyond the school’s effort to maintain cleanliness within its premises, a portion of the student population still misses the knowledge about the right way of maintaining a clean surrounding.

Trashcans are available in every corner — all are labeled with “PROPER WASTE DISPOSAL” and instructions about which can to trash the bio and the non-biodegradable.

Unfortunately, I had seen papers disposed to cans for non-bios. It just made me think if papers really don’t decompose, or students are just better than teachers who teach papers as composites?


Due to a hectic schedule, I haven’t watched any primetime T.V. program for several weeks now, but after the preliminary examinations, at least I have enough time to relax.

I have watched “May Bukas Pa,” an ABS-CBN’s top rated serye featuring Santino, an angelic boy who makes miracles upon praying to “Bro” (not certain if B is really capitalized).

I just wonder, if the Bible says that man cannot go beyond or even just go equal to God, why do these people used to call Him “Bro”?

Treating God as best friend is a point perhaps. But think of this: if we call the priests as “fathers” why do we call the Divine Creator and the Source of everything a brother? Think of your dad’s reaction when you just call him “brad” instead of “Dad.”


Many say that BS Accountancy is a hard course in college. It demands time, effort, concentration and dedication; perhaps that would be the reason why some of my teachers discourage me to write.

But I have many reasons to be thankful taking this course while writing for the TIP Voice. First, I learned to manage my time wisely to suit my schedules in acads and Voice . Second, I survive financially and academically. Third, I grow enough to bear more mature perceptions in life.

After all, it is what we are studying for; the proper assessment, utilization and distribution of what we have.

I have a golden objective upon graduation, but let me just keep it myself for now. But for as long as my thoughts flow, Dyarista’s quill will never part.


Socrates once said, “No evil happens to a good man.”

But no matter how hard we try to keep our clich├ęd nature mum there will come a time that people around us soon notice the things we used to fake.

Besides, a saying goes, “All good things never last.”

Together, let’s crumble the walls of apathy. Suggest a title that fits this column. Email the editor at somnolent_dyarista@yahoo.com

Concerns and suggested topics will also be entertained.

* Note: The editor do not intend to reminisce the conflict between the mentioned offices. It was just cited to support the reliability of the former statement since this can be a ground for bias judgment in saying that the present administration would end up the most fruitful of all.

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