Sunday, October 25, 2009

The street tragedy and the obvious apathy

"If all the voices are heard, surely, no one will shout along the streets, fighting for what they think is right and what the “beloved” thinks to be wrong."

I was walking along the street sides of Recto when I encountered a flock of people each holding a banner that says “NO TO CON-ASS. NO TO CHA-CHA.”

I really don’t know why but a sudden burst of emotion growled inside me. At first, I abhor those who take part in activities like such, but as I witnessed how they march and shout their throats out just to call the attention of the many “slugs” who remain apathetic despite the very obnoxious works of the abusive men, I realized that they actually shout for the thing that even I hope to achieve.

Student demonstrations are senseless. And the only persons who participate to such are those who do not have any intention to succeed in any means. – These statements are not mine now. A true ironic fact for a person who wants to achieve all out transparency within all the sectors of the society.

Those who think that demonstrations are useless should be ashamed of their pointless thought for they really don’t know how to be Filipinos by heart.

Activists not just shout for nothing. If you would just listen to what they shout, they actually shout a lot of things we often ignore.

Take me personally for example; I am updated to all the happenings around me — in politics, religion, and economics, a bit on human right violations of the higher ups and etc. But in spite the said awareness, for somehow, I had become apathetic to heed the call of our crying nation, most to hear the call for involvement or at least, for concern.

Perhaps a reason for that would be the influence of the community where I belong.

Needless to say, the community where I am in right now is ditched with the modern apolitical culture looming within the path towards complete advancement. Never did I say any specific kind of community [e.g. school, church, baranggay and etc.] so I stand that I mentioned nothing libelous.

It is true that at times Hedonism invades the minds of the blessed keeping up the flame of FILIPINOISM is much in need.

We had lost Cory, the Queen of Philippine Democracy, the Democracy Icon of Asia. The yellow graffiti that fell within the rough road of EDSA had became symbols of total reminisce of the black days of the late Aquino couple. (I supposed not to touch even the simplest detail of the late days of the couple for I haven’t witness any of their inhumane encounters that time, but thanks to Zaide and some other historian who had brought many me to the situations that the couple had been through. Kudos on you.)

Let us not wait another historical figure to die once more before we heed the call of the masses starving for change. Start drawing a difference now!

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